How long does my hair have to be to install Synthetic Dreads?

How long does my hair have to be to install Synthetic Dreads?

You want to install Synthetic Dreads? A new hairstyle! A new look! But how long does your own hair need to be so you can install these dreads?

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Installing Synthetic Dreadlock extensions in short hair

When you have short hair, Dreadshop advises a hair length of at least 2.5 inch / 6 cm. For the Renate's Locks of Love we recommend a hair length of at least 3 inch / 8 cm. With this hair length, the dreads have enough grip to stay in your hair for an average time of two months. The dreads are then sturdy enough and will not slide out without cause.

Do you have hair that is shorter than 2.5 inch / 6 cm and are you skilled with installing dreads? Than this might work, but with this short length, the dreads have less grip and the chance that they will slide out is bigger. The time that they can stay in your hair, will also be shorter.

Tip from Dreadshop: for extra grip in your hair, use Sturdy Elastics and apply each dread with an elastic over the full attachment of the dread. This way, you create a more sturdy attachment.

With short hair, Dreadshop advises to use the ‘Basic Technique of installing Synthetic Dreadlock extensions’.

Installing Synthetic Dreadlock extensions in long(er) hair

When you have shoulder length or longer hair, installing loc extensions is not a problem. The question remains: how do I work my own long hair, into the dreads?
Choose a dread length that is just as long or longer than your own hair. Do you wish to completely work away your hair into the dreads? Then Dreadshop advises the ‘French Technique for installing Synthetic Dreads’.

Doubts about your hair length? 

Do you have doubts about your own hair length? You can always send us a picture so that we can give you a personal advice! Mail to:

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