Dry your Dreads with this durable Bamboo towel

Dry your Dreads with this durable Bamboo towel

We added RAW ROOTs Bamboo towel to our assortment. It is the perfect addition for your and our collection of Dreadlock care products! Not just because a lot of people would like a special Dread towel, but also because it is a durable towel. In this blog we explain more about the durability of this towel. 

Quick drying Bamboo towel for Dreadlocks

This unique RAW ROOTs towel has a beautiful green color and is designed with absorbing bamboo fibers, which can hold up more than five times their own weight in water. The absorbing ability of this towel will shorten the time your Dreads/ hair need to dry in comparison to a regular towel.

The bamboo towel is made of bamboo fibers with a cotton finish. A very different material compared to a regular, big, coarse, cotton bath towel with which a lot of people dry themselves after showering. It turns out those coarse towels are not at all good for drying your hair. Because of the coarse structure of these cotton towels, you risk your Dreads getting frizzy or damaged.

This quick drying towel is able to absorb the water out of your hair without unnecessary pulling the hair. It also sits more secure and comfortable on your head. 

What makes this Bamboo towel for Dreads so durable?

When it comes to choosing a durable material for your quick drying towel, bamboo is the way to go. Bamboo is one of the most durable materials you could choose. 

You can harvest bamboo shoots without destroying the original plant. In addition bamboo grows very fast. In fact, bamboo is the world's quickest growing plant. 

The bamboo plant is a natural, productive plant that doesn't need fertilizer or pesticides to grow. Other fibers used for towels have to be sprayed and watered to grow.

In addition bamboo is extremely absorbing, odor resistant and keeps it naturally dry. Bamboo has all the characteristics you would expect in the perfect towel.

Would you choose this Bamboo towel? Then you choose durability. Something Dreadshop highly values.  

The towel is not sent in plastic, but in a special linen bag.

-X- Renate