Sizes: Thicknesses and Lengths of Renate's Locks of Love

Sizes: Thicknesses and Lengths of Renate's Locks of Love

In our range you can choose from different types of Synthetic Dreads from our Renate's Locks of Love brand. To give you a better idea of ​​the sizes and thicknesses of these Dreads, here is a description of the thicknesses and lengths of the Dreads offered by us.
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Thicknesses of the Locks of Love

How thick are our standard Locks of Love exactly? And how thin are the Thin Locks of Love? It is difficult to give a precise answer to this. The dreads in our range are largely handmade. This means that no Dread is exactly the same and there can always be a small difference in the thickness per Dread.

The Locks of Love have an average thickness of 0.31-0.39 inch / 0.8-1 cm.
The Thin Locks of Love have an average thickness of 0.16-0.24 inch / 0.4-0.6 cm.
It is therefore possible that some dreads differ slightly from this!

Lengths of the Locks of Love

The length of the Dread is indicated in the selection menu at the Dreads. This is also an average measured length. Because the Dreads are largely made by hand, not all Dreads are exactly the same length. The average length of our Locks of Love and our Thin Locks of love are 20 to 22 inch / 50 to 55 cm (back length) and 27 to 29 inch / 70 to 75 cm ( bum length).

Length of the Locks of Love after installing

If you have used Dreads with a back length, you will of course have a shorter tail with Dreads than if you choose a bum length.
But what about the length when the dreads are used? To give you an idea of ​​this, we have made the photos below for you of the different lengths of dreads.