How do I prevent weak spots in my Real Dreads?

How do I prevent weak spots in my Real Dreads?

Your Dreads have just been installed and you are super happy with the result. Beautiful, well-groomed Dreads is what you want, of course without weak spots. In this blog I would like to tell you how you can prevent weak spots in your Dreads.
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What are weak spots in your Real Dreads?

Weak spots are places in the Dread where the hair is not properly felted/matted. You can feel these spots well, because they are often thinner and less compact. A risk of a weak spot is that the Dreadlock can eventually break off at that point and that is of course not what you want.

What causes weak spots in Real Dreads?

There are several causes that can lead to weak spots in your Dreads.

  • When you make a ponytail / bun in the same place every day with a tight elastic, weak spots can then arise at the place where the elastic is.
  • When you leave beads in the same place for a long time, a weak spot can arise.
  • Have you decorated your Dreads with yarn? If you wear it for a long time, your Dread can also take on that shape. In addition, weak spots can also arise if the yarn is tightly twisted around your Dread.
  • Dirt buildup from the scalp can cause weak spots. When a lot of dirt gathers in your Dreads, the Dread cannot tangle, which can cause weak spots.
  • When you attach loose Dreads to your Real Dreads and leave them in place for a longer period of time, a weak spot can arise at the place where the Dread is attached.

How do I prevent weak spots in my Real Dreads?

It is super important to palm roll your Dreads regularly. Would you like more information about palm rolling? Then read our blog about this, you can find this blog here.

We advise you to wait at least 6 months before decorating your Dreads when they have just been installed.

If your Dreads are younger than 1 year, it is wise to remove your decoration from your Dreads every week. Certainly beads that are tighter should be taken out once a week. Do this, for example, before you wash your Dreads. Do you prefer to leave the beads in place during washing? Keep in mind that the hair under the bead can be very difficult to dry, an ideal place for bacteria in your Dreads.

When your Dreads are a few years old, they are more formed and firm. Then you can be a little more flexible with the wearing time of the yarn / beads. Your Dreads are then no longer as vulnerable as they were in the beginning. Our advice is still to regularly change the decoration and / or beads.

In addition, it is important that you continue to take good care of your scalp. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair, which helps in the Dread process. That way you have no dirt build-up and your Dreads continue to grow neatly without weak spots.

A healthy scalp starts with the right washing routine! I will explain more about that in this Blog.

-X- Renate