My / Renate’s washing routine for Dreadlocks

My / Renate’s washing routine for Dreadlocks

Once a week I wash my Dreadlocks. I think it’s important to have a good routine in this and to use the right products. These products have my personal preference, are tested by me and are available in my webshop. I want to emphasise that my washing routine might not be the right one for you and definitely not an obligation. I just want to inform you and share with you how I do it. I hope it’s helpful.

Soap bar from RAW ROOTs

Before I start washing my Dreads, I take out the accessories. This way I maintain the quality of my hairwraps and beads and it is better for the lifespan of my Dreadlocks. Which I can now wash optimally. I start my washing routine with a soap bar from RAW ROOTs, which I use after I’ve put it in a ‘mesh bag’. This is not only ideal during washing, but also perfect to use up your (old, smaller) soap bar. The mesh bag is easy to use, because you can put the strap around your wrist. From your wrist you can easily put the soap bar in your palm, so you can easily massage your scalp. Once used you just hang the soap bar in the mesh bag to dry.

Massaging the scalp

I always wash my Dreadlocks in the morning. This way they can dry during the entire day. Once in the shower I first soak my dreads completely. Then I do the same with the soap bar and I start massaging my scalp. It’s important that the soap bar froths well, so you can rub in the foam properly. I start at the base of my Dreads and lather my scalp thoroughly. Then I lift my dreads, so I can lather underneath as well. I repeat this until I’ve done all my dreads and whole scalp. From there I take the soap bar and rub in the rest of my dreads.

Liquid shampoo for Dreadlocks

When I'm done with this, I hang the soap bar away and then massage the applied soap again into my dreads and onto my scalp. I repeat this for the rest of my Dreads, after which I start rinsing. If some shampoo is left behind after the first wash, that is no problem because I wash my Dreadlocks a second time. For this I use a liquid shampoo, also from RAW ROOTs. I experience this shampoo as very nice for my scalp, because it cares and keeps my scalp healthy. I do this in the same way as with the soap bar.

Gently use conditioner on my loose hair

Then I start rinsing, extra good this time. When this is done, I grab the loose hair on the front of my head that doesn't have any dreads. I put conditioner in here, but very carefully because I don't want this conditioner to come into my Dreads. Before I touch my Dreadlocks again, I rinse my hands thoroughly to make sure that they are completely clean again. Then I wash the conditioner from my loose hair and I rinse my Dreads again. 

Drying the Dreads 

Then I dry my Dreadlocks as much as possible by squeezing them well. Now the drying can begin. I grab a large towel in which I put my Dreads and let the Dreads dry for at least fifteen minutes before I grab a hair dryer. I use this "medium heat", also to prevent my Dreads from drying out too much. I blow-dry them for five to ten minutes. My dreads are now 2.5 years old and I have noticed that it takes longer for them to dry completely. My dreads never dry completely by blow drying, but it ensures that they no longer drip. And that's great, because I find that dripping pretty annoying. 

Oil from RAW ROOTs

When I'm done with this, I use RAW ROOTs oil to rub my scalp and Dreadlocks. I put a few drops on my hand, rub it in my other hand and then spread it on my scalp and dreads. It prevents itching, which previously bothered me. I also oil my hair without dreads. (I usually repeat all this the next day). Then I grab my hair straightener to style my loose hair on the front of my head. And when my Dreads are completely dry, I put my accessories back in.


-X- Renate


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