How Much Do Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Cost?

It is very difficult to answer this question. What Synthetic Dreads exactly cost depends on which Dreads you like and which Synthetic Dreadlocks you would like to wear!

On our website we offer various, put together Dreadsets with 4 bundles of Renate's Locks of Love. These sets contain 2 bundles of Single Dreads and 2 bundles of Double Dreads, this is enough for a full head of Synthetic Dreads.

If you prefer more or less volume and would like to adjust the numbers or types of Dreads, it is also possible to order separate bundles of Dreads via our website. Then it is slightly more expensive, but the set is specially put together for you.

It is of course also possible to order 1 bundle and add it to your own Dreadset or to attach it to your existing Dreadlocks.

You can find all the prices of our Dreadlock products on our website. Choose your favorite color and length and find the price of the product.

Renate's Locks of Love is a high-quality Dreadlock, amazing quality. That’s because of the material that is used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are unique in their kind and all put together by me. No dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different color shades in order to create a Dreadlock that is as natural as possible. The Ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color shades.