Tips for removing your real dreads

Tips for removing your real dreads

In the blogs we use the words dreads and dreadlocks as synonyms.

If you no longer want your real dreads, you can choose to cut or comb out your dreadlocks.

Option 1: Cutting the dreads

If you choose to cut off your dreadlocks, you can let your dreads grow out first. You do this to create enough hair length, after which you can have a nice haircut again. You grow out your dreadlocks by no longer maintaining the roots. Your own hair will therefore no longer grow / tangle in the dreadlock.

The top part of untangled hair will be easier to comb out after you have cut your dreads.

You can also use 'regular shampoo' and conditioner for that period of time to ensure that your own hair becomes softer again and will not easily tangle in your dreads.

It's best to let your regrowth grow a bit. This way you don't have a very short haircut after you've removed the dreads, but you have enough length for a nice model.

Option 2: Comb out the dreads

You can also choose to comb out your dreadlocks. Keep in mind that combing is a lot of work and that it will not be completely painless. The question is what the condition of your hair will be afterwards, it varies for every person.

For combing out your dreadlocks, we recommend a special remover in addition to a sturdy comb.

Combing out your Real Dreads

Tip: use regular shampoo and conditioner in the period before combing your dreads. This will make your dreadlocks a lot softer and they will tangle less.

Because combing out is a lot of work, we advise you to do this dread by dread. Use a sturdy comb and the special remover on your dreads. Start combing out at the tip of the dread and work your way slowly towards the scalp from there.

Keep in mind that a lot of hair can come out of the dreadlocks after you have taken them out. This is because you normally lose about 80 to 100 hairs per day, these hairs are all tangled in your dreadlocks. Especially with adult dreads (older than 1 year), a lot of hair will come loose.

Tip: Use a hair mask after combing out your dreads. This nourishes and cares for your hair.

Good luck!