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Renate's Locks of Love
Sale priceFrom €79,99 EUR

21 colors available

Thin Renate's Locks of Love
Sale priceFrom €94,99 EUR

13 colors available

Human Hair Locks of Love
Sale price€99,99 EUR

6 colors available

Color Ring Locks of Love
Sale price€169,99 EUR
Color Ring Human Hair Locks of Love
Sale price€134,99 EUR

Here you will find high-quality Synthetic Dreads

In our range you will find different types of Synthetic Dreads. All our Loc Extensions have unique colors.
The colors used are unique in their kind and all composed by me. You can find a lot of different colored Dreads in our assortment. Not a single dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different shades to create the most natural Dreadlock possible.
The Ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color tones.

Our Synthetic Dreads have a natural look

The loose ends provide the most natural look. I definitely wanted to add these to this product, because real dreads also have loose ends and I got a lot of questions about this in the past years. So it was no doubt for me that the Locks of Love should also have loose ends.

In addition, the dreadlocks are lightweight, making the wearing comfort extra large. Despite that, they still have a nice volume!

Locks of Love

Long Dreadlocks

Would you like short dreads or very long Dreadlocks, we have different lengths in our assortment. New in our range is the length of 70 cm / 28 inch, also known as bum length. This is really a nice addition that has received a lot of positive reactions on those long Dreadlocks.

The Loc Extensions are easy to install and to take out

The Synthetic Dreads are easy to install. There are several techniques you can use to braid the Dreads into your hair.

Synthetic Dreads are temporary, you can wear the Synthetic Dreads for 2-3 months, after this it is recommended to take them out. Did you really enjoy your dreads? The Synthetic Dreads are reusable many times!