How do you wash Partial Real Dreads?

How do you wash Partial Real Dreads?

We see that Partial Dreads are becoming an increasingly popular hairstyle. Partial Dreads of your own hair is also a style that is increasingly in demand in our Salon.

What are Partial Dreads anyway?

Partial comes from the English word Part, which means partial. Partial Dreads are therefore actually Dreads that are a part of your hair.

With Partial Dreadlocks you have a part of your hair still loose, this is often at the top of your head. The Partial Dreads are usually located in the neck and/or at the back of the head.

What is the best way to wash your Partial Dreads?

When you have a head full of Dreads, you can of course easily wash your own scalp and all your Dreads, but what about Partial Dreads?
There is a difference here, because naturally you keep your own hair free.

When you have Real Dreads as Partial Dreads, it is very important that you use a shampoo for your Dreadlocks that has been specially developed for Real Dreads.
A natural Dreadshampoo ensures that your Dreads become clean, but also that your hair retains the coarse structure to be able to 'dread' well. This is important in your Dreading process, because nice compact Dreads are what you want to have and keep!

Which shampoo do I need for my own hair?

You can continue to use your own shampoo for your own hair that you leave hanging loose. Avoid using conditioner in your own hair. There is a chance that your hair will get too smooth and it will end up in your Dreads after rinsing and that is just not what you want.

It is certainly possible to use a Liquid shampoo that has been developed for Dreadlocks for your own hair, but keep in mind that this can make your own hair coarse.

How often can I wash my Dreads?

When your Real Dreads have just been installed, we recommend not to wash your Dreads for a while. Use a nice Refreshening spray to take good care of your Dreadlocks and your scalp during this period.
After this period you can and may wash your Dreads once a week. Do you find that inconvenient? Then keep using the Refreshening spray so that your Dreads continue to smell nice and fresh.
You can of course wash your own hair more often.


-X- Renate