How do you wash Partial Synthetic Dreads?

How do you wash Partial Synthetic Dreads?

How cool is it to give your own hair some more volume by installing Partial Dreads? Partial Dreads is an increasingly common hairstyle that we see, also with Synthetic Dreads.
But how can you actually wash your own hair and your Synthetic Dreads?

What are Partial Dreads anyway?

Partial comes from the English word Part, which means partial. Partial Dreads are therefore actually Dreads that are a part of your hair.
With Partial Dreadlocks you have a part of your hair still loose, this is often at the top of your head. The Partial Dreads are usually located in the neck and/or at the back of the head.

How can you wash your Synthetic Dreads?

To wash your Synthetic Dreads we recommend using a Spray Shampoo /Cleansing Spray. You can easily spray this on your scalp and your Dreads. You can use a Liquid shampoo for your dreads for an extra good cleanse.
Here is my video with washing routine in which I show you how you can use these products:

For your loose hair you can keep using your own shampoo. Avoid using conditioner in your own hair. There is a chance that these products that make your hair smooth come in contact with your Dreads when you rinse it out and that is not what you want. Because these products make your hair smooth which can cause your Synthetic Dreads to slip down.

It is certainly possible to use a Liquid shampoo that has been developed for Dreadlocks for your own hair, but keep in mind that this can make your own hair coarse.

How often can I wash my Dreads?

We recommend washing your Synthetic Dreads once a week at most. Synthetic Dreads absorb moisture which makes them heavier. The Dreads will then pull on your own hair more. The more often you wet your dreads the faster they will slip down and that is not what you want.
Do you find that once a week is not enough? Use a Refreshening spray so your Dreads will smell nice and fresh.
Of course you can wash your own hair more often.


-X- Renate