Human hair Locks of Love

Human hair Locks of Love

For when you want to wear Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions temporarily

If you would like temporary dreads from Human Hair, you can use our Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions to braid them in for a temporary look.
Because the dreads are made of real human hair, they will require slightly different care than our Synthetic Dreads.

While wearing the Human hair Dreads you will get some loose hairs on the dreads faster. To make these loose hairs become less we recommend using a Tightening Spray.
For optimal quality of your Dreads, we recommend that you palm-roll the Human Hair Dreadlocks once a week. First spray some Tightening Spray on our dreads and then palm roll them, this helps to minimize the loose hairs.

You can also wash the Human Hair Dreads just like the Synthetic Dreads and wear them for 2-3 months, and then reuse them. If you decide after 2-3 months that you want real dreads from your own hair, you can use these dreads as an extension for that as well!

Use the Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions for more volume

If you have real dreads of your own hair, you can install the Human Hair Dreads and they will easily attach to your own Dreads. You can use the Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions if you temporarily want some more volume, if you want some extra length or if you want to temporarily add a different color to your Dreads.

We show you how you can easily attach the Human Hair Extensions to your own Dreads in the video below:


Use the Human Hair Dreads as an extension of your real dreads

The Human Hair Dreads are perfect to use as an extension if you have real dreads. You can crochet the Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions on your own dreads and they can last for years.
When you cut the tip of the Human Hair Dread open at the top, you can hook these loose hairs to your own Dreads.

The use of Human Hair Dreadlocks as an extension has advantages in comparison to our Synthetic Dreads.

The Human Hair Dreads will mature quickly because it is also real human hair that is used to make these Dreads. The Synthetic Dreads will stay the same when you install them because they are made of Synthetic Hair.
In addition, an extension with Human Hair Dreads will look much more natural.
You can also choose to extend your own Dreads with our Human Hair.

Our Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions need the same care as the Dreads of your own hair. More information about the care of Real Dreads can be found in these blogs:
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Our Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions are of super good quality and last for years! An investment for a very long term!