Celebrities with Dreads

Celebrities with Dreads

There are a lot of famous people who have (worn) Dreadlocks. We probably all know a celebrity with Real Dreads or Synthetic Dreads.

Some famous people actually wear Dreads as their permanent hairstyle, but there are also celebrities who wear it as a temporary hairstyle. Take Justin Bieber for example, suddenly he had Dreads and then he didn’t anymore.

Many celebrities wear real Dreads of their own hair. Take Snoop Dogg as an example, he always has great hairstyles. Just like Michael B Jordan, who also had a beautiful hairstyle with his Dreads.

And you might know Lil pump and Lil uzi with their colorful Dreads. They have had many colors in their Real Dreads which look really great!

Of course we can't forget one of the most famous Dread enthusiasts, Bob Marley!

A new Dreadlock trend has started with the Killmonger Dreads hairstyle. We regularly see his photos passing by as a request. Real Dreads only on the top of your head and not too long. Very nice. Another great example of this hairstyle is Jaden Smith, he also has a beautiful bunch of Dreads and eventually let them grow a little longer so that he could make super cool updos with his Dreads.

Another well-known celebrity is Lil Wayne, he also has beautiful, thicker Dreads with a nice long length.

In the Netherlands, for example, we also know Leona Philippo, she won the third season of The Voice of Holland. She had a special hairdresser who ordered the Dreads from us. These Dreads were added to her beautiful hairstyles. So cool that she managed to win the program!

Of course we hope that a celebrity will want to wear the Renate's Locks of Love again so that we can also add this to our blog. If you are a famous person and if you are interested in my Dreads? Then be sure to contact us!

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If you also want those beautiful Dreads like the celebrities above, please contact us for good advice.