I have (very) thin hair, can I get Real Dreads?

I have (very) thin hair, can I get Real Dreads?

If you have thinner hair, I understand that you wonder whether Real Dreads are possible with your thin hair. That is why in this blog I want to give you more information about Real Dreads installed on thin(ner) hair.

A full head of Dreads, is that possible?

You must have seen many photos and videos with Dreadlocks. You may even have saved some photos of Dreads that are a good example for you. But is it possible to get a full bunch of Dreads with thin(ner) hair?

Unfortunately you will get a slightly less full head of Dreads than when you have thick(er) hair. This is simply because you have less / thin hair. So always contact your Loctician if you are unsure about the amount of Dreads that can be installed with your hair. The Loctician can give you appropriate advice.

The division of Real Dreads

What is very important when you have thin hair is choosing the right division. That can really make the difference!
By working with a combination of squares and triangles on your head, you can install more Dreads and they will fall much nicer. Because they fall so beautifully and naturally, you create more volume for the eye.
Of course we can advise you about this in our Salon and you can also contact our affiliates.

More volume in your Dreads

When your Real Dreads are installed, you will no longer lose hair. At least, they do come off, but remain in your Dreads. With loose hair, so without Dreads, you lose about 80-100 hairs per day. With thin(ner) hair this will be slightly less. These loose hairs will get stuck in your Dreads when you have Real Dreads, so your Dreads will become even fuller over time.

In addition, you can choose to place a number of Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions or Synthetic Dreads between your own Dreads, to create even more volume. Change the added Dreads from place to place every now and then, so that you do not develop any 'weak bits' in your own Dreads.

How do you do this? Check out this video:

Is it possible to add extra hair to your Dreads?

We do not recommend adding extra Human Hair to your own Dreads to make them thicker. The section of each Dread will remain small but the outgrowth of your would be Dreads thin. You would have to regularly add Human Hair to your roots. Eventually your Dread will become too heavy and there is a good chance that the Dread will break off. The base/growth of your Dread is too thin to bear the weight. This is also not good for your scalp, which would be overloaded.

It is therefore certainly possible to install Dreads with thin(ner) hair, but also take your own expectations into account so you won’t be disappointed.

My own Real Dreads

I also have fine and thin hair. By letting go of my expectation of a huge full had of Dreads and by choosing the right division, I had a beautiful bunch of Real Dreads! I wore them for three years and they got fuller and fuller.
See the cover photo of this blog? That's me with my Real Dreadlocks! 

Are you unsure about Real Dreads for your thin hair?

If you have thin(er) hair, please contact a professional Dreadlock Stylist if you are unsure about the amount of Dreads that can be installed in your hair. A professional Dreadlock Stylist can advise you and this will prevent disappointment if the result does not turn out as you would like.

-X- Renate