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Renate's Locks of Love
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21 colors available

Color Ring Locks of Love
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Renate’s Locks of Love Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Renate’s Locks of Love is a Dreadlock of high quality, unrivaled good. Because of the material used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are unique in their kind and all compiled by me. 

The loose ends provide the most natural look. Renate’s Locks of Love are lightweight, making the wearing comfort extra high. Despite that, they have a nice volume. These Dreads can be reused countless times and will last a lifetime. And because I want to do my bit for a better environment, Renate's Locks of Love are delivered to you without plastic packaging.

Locks of Love

The Loc Extensions are easy to install and to take out

The Synthetic Dreads are easy to install. There are several techniques you can use to braid the Dreads into your hair.

Synthetic Dreads are temporary, you can wear the Synthetic Dreads for 2-3 months, after this it is recommended to take them out. Did you really enjoy your dreads? The Synthetic Dreads are reusable many times!

Taking care of Dread Extensions is easy

The care of Synthetic Dreads is very simple. In our range you will find various products from  Dollylocks and Raw Roots. These products all have natural-based ingredients.

You will also find various  accessories in our range with which you can give your Dread Extensions even more appearance!