Installing Synthetic Dreads yourself

Installing Synthetic Dreads yourself

You can have your dreads installed in our Salon. However, with knowledge of the right methods you can also do this yourself! Or ask someone for help and do it together!

Install Synthetic Dreads / Dreadlock extensions, different methods

There are various methods that you can use when installing your dreads. Which method suits you depends on various factors.

First: do you choose Single or Double Ended Dreads? The installing techniques differ for this.

Secondly, it depends on your hair length which method will be the best.

Installing Single Ended Dreads

You use a separate technique for installing Single Ended Dreads. An Install Tool is very handy here! In the video below you can see how the technique works for installing your Single Ended Dreads.

Install Double Ended Dreads in short hair

If you chose Double Ended Dreads and you have short hair, then the basic technique is a nice method to use.


Install Double Ended Dreads in medium long hair

If you have opted for Double Ended Dreads and have medium long hair, choose the "French Technique".

Install Double Ended Dreads in very long hair

Do you have very long hair? Then there are different options.

It is useful anyway to use Dreads in the length of your own hair length.

Option 1:

Install the dreads with the basic technique and put a sturdy elastic after a small piece of braiding. Let the rest of your hair hang between the dreadlocks. This gives a playful and natural effect.

Option 2: You work your hair away through braids of your own hair hanging between the Dreads. With this method you combine the "French Technique" with making braids from your own hair.

The right sectioning

Now that you are familiar with the different methods available for installing your Synthetic Dreadlocks, it is also important to know how and
why you need to make a good hair sectioning on your head.

Mini course "Installing Locks of Love"

Do you want to install your Synthetic Dreads yourself? But you don’t really know how? I can help you!

Because, how do you exactly do that? Installing Dreads, making sections? That’s very difficult if you can’t really see it yourself.

That’s why I have made a video especially for you in which I show you step by step how you can install Synthetic Dreads on yourself. This will make installing your Dreads much easier!

In this video I use different products like a comb, elastics, a install tool and clips. I can offer you these materials in a special kit, then you will receive everything you need to install your dreads. Click here to order this product.

Click on this link to order your video.

Have your Synthetic Dreadlocks installed in our Salon

I wish you every success in installing your Synthetic Dreadlocks yourself!

Is the result not satisfactory? Then make an appointment at our Salon and take your Dreads with you!


Have fun with your Dreadlocks!


-X- Renate