Partial Dreads, what are they exactly?

Partial Dreads, what are they exactly?

It sounds interesting, Partial Dreads, but what is it exactly?
I’m happy to explain it to you in this blog.
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Partial Dreads, where does it come from?

With Partial Dreadlocks part of your hair remains loose, this is often on the top of your head. The Partial Dreads are usually in the neck and/or the back of your head.

What do I need to know when I want to install Partial Dreads?

When installing Partial Dreads it’s very important to use straight lines. The sectioning of your Dreads needs to be in straight lines.
The straight lines are important for separating your hair from your Dreadlocks. With straight lines it’s easier to wash your brushable hair and comb or brush it. You will know exactly to what point you can use your comb or brush.

You can choose to leave small strands of hair between your dreads. I will explain more about this:
Make a section and attach a Dread, then leave a small strand of hair loose, then make another section with a Dread next to this loose strand, then leave another loose strand, and next to this another section with a Dread, and so on. With this you create a very beautiful look, because you will also have loose hair between your Dreadlocks. 
Keep in mind that when you do this, to daily comb the strands of hair between your dreads, otherwise they will grow into your Dreadlocks.

When you want to get a couple of Dreadlocks in your neck, you can choose to leave some loose hair in the bottom of your neck and a small strand on the sides, next to your ears. When you wear a ponytail or a bun you won’t see the attachment of your Dreadlocks, because this is covered with your loose hair.

How can I maintain my Dreadlocks with Partial Dreads?

When you wear Partial Dreads it’s important to regularly (preferably daily) separate your loose hair from your Dreadlocks. With this you will prevent that your loose hair will grow into the Dreads.

Apart from that you can maintain your Real Dreads the same way as when you have a full head with Real Dreads. More information about this you can find in this blog.

Should I use a special shampoo with Partial Dreadlocks?

When your have Dreadlocks it’s very important to use a shampoo that’s suitable for Dreadlocks.

For the brushable hair you can use a normal shampoo, but make sure that the shampoo doesn’t get in your Dreads. But you can also wash your brushable hair perfectly with a Dreadlock shampoo
When you use a conditioner, make sure this doesn’t get in the dreads.

-X- Renate