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Dollylocks Dreadlock Shampoo
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Washing Synthetic Dreads

Washing Synthetic Dreads is perfectly possible! There are various products that you can order for washing your Synthetic Dreadlocks.

We recommend using a Cleansing Spray when washing your Dreadlocks.

The Cleansing Spray is super easy to use! You spray the shampoo on your scalp and on your Dreads and rinse! With the Cleansing Spray you have much less chance that residues of shampoo will remain in your Dreads.

The Cleansing Spray is the must have for every Dread wearer! And the good thing is, this spray is available in many different scents.

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The best washing routine for your Synthetic Dreads

When you wear Synthetic Dreads, it is nice to have a regular washing routine. Wash your Synthetic Dreadlocks once a week.

Wet your scalp and your Dreads and spray your scalp and Dreads with the Cleansing Spray. Then rinse your scalp and Dreads clean.

Do you also want to wash your Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions? Use the Liquid shampoo for this.

Do not wash your dreads more than once a week. The moisture makes your Dreads heavier, making the Dreads pull more. This ensures that your Dreads can sag faster and that is of course not what you want.

The importance of a special shampoo for your Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

When you wear Synthetic Dreads, it is important to use a good shampoo. Many regular shampoos contain smoothing agents to make the hair soft and smooth. That's something you don't want when you wear Synthetic Dreads. The smoother the hair, the faster the Dreads can sag.

In addition, it is important that you use an easily rinseable shampoo to prevent shampoo residues from remaining after washing. Shampoo residues can cause itching and/or irritation.

For the best care and a long wear period, we would recommend using a shampoo that has been developed for Dreadlocks.