Partial Dreads, will they suit me?

Partial Dreads, will they suit me?

Partial Dreads is one of the hairstyles that is currently a huge trend in the Dreadlock world. We see this style coming back more and more, both in our Salon and with customers who order on our website.

What are Partial Dreads?

Partial Dreads are Dreads on one part of your head. Most people wear the Dreads in their neck, so that the Partial dreads come out a little bit under their own hair.
If you want to wear Partial Dreads, you can choose Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads made from your own hair.

When do you choose Partial Dreads?

Because Partial Dreads are a trend, we also get a lot of questions about them. When can you wear Partial Dreads? How do you get the best result? We are happy to tell you that in this blog.

The most important thing to take into consideration with Partial Dreads is the length of your own hair. For Partial Dreads your own hair needs to be of good length. Your own hair can slightly shorter than the Dreadlocks themselves, because then the Dreads will come out nicely under your hair. Beautiful when you wear your hair loose.
So check carefully how long your hair is and how long the Dreads are. The difference should not be more than 10-20 centimeters for a natural result. Keep in mind that the dreads are installed from the nape of your neck so they will hang a little lower than when they would be installed from your hairline in the front.

Do you have short hair? Then choose a full head of Dreads. If you want to wear Partial Dreads with short hair, it will look unnatural. We advise you to first let your hair grow longer.

We do not recommend using a number of Partial (Real) Dreads between your hair instead of a number of rows in your neck. The chance will be much greater that your loose hair will get stuck to the Dreads. It is also very difficult to comb and care for your own hair if you wear Dreads between your hair. When you only wear the Dreads in your neck, you can separate them much more easily from your loose hair and you can take care of your own hair and the Dreads separately.

Partial Dreads with a natural result

Have you decided to go for Synthetic Dreads? Then choose the colors that match your own hair color. This way you create the most natural result. Your own hair usually consists of two or three different shades, so it is fun and playful to choose Dreads in multiple shades. It is wonderful to mix these different colors together. In our range you have a lot of choice between beautiful colors of Synthetic Dreads.

Would you like to decorate your Dreads? You certainly can! In our range you will find different beads, but also a DIY Decoration set. This set contains different types of yarn, beads and charms with which you can decorate your Dreads. This set is available in different colors.
Would you rather already have Dreads with decoration? Choose from our Accent Sets. These bundles with some Dreads are already decorated with different types of yarn, beads and charms.

Have you decided and are you going for Partial Dreads? You are very welcome to visit our Salon for Partial Synthetic Dreads as well as Partial Real Dreads to get them installed. We can extend real Dreads with Human Hair if you want the Dreads a little longer than your own hair.

Is our Salon too far away? We have affiliates working all over the world, maybe one of them is close to you! Click here for an overview of our affiliates.

Prefer to install Synthetic Dreads yourself? Of course you can! We have developed a course in which we show you step by step how you can install your Dreads yourself, without damaging your own hair. Just as convenient, nice from home!
Interested? Here you will find the course.

Don't forget to tag us in your photos with Partial Dreadlocks! We are very active on Social Media and would love to see your look!

-X- Renate