How often should I wash my Real Dreads?

How often should I wash my Real Dreads?

To take good care of your Real Dreads and keep them clean, washing your Dreads is important! In this blog we explain why it’s good to use a special shampoo for Real Dreads. In another blog we describe the different types of shampoo. But how often should I wash my Real Dreads?

What is the effect of washing your Dreads?

A natural Dread shampoo will make sure your Dreads will become clean, but it also helps your hair keeping the course structure to keep ‘dreading’ further. This is important in your Dread process, because nice and compact Dreads are what you want and want to keep!

The more often you wash your Dreads, the faster your hair gets greasy

Do you know that? You start with washing your hair once a week, but your hair gets greasier faster. You go to 2x a week, then 3x a week and eventually you wash your hair every day. But it still won’t help. This can be caused by additives in ‘regular’ shampoos and ‘regular’ hair care products. To prevent your Dreads from getting greasy too fast, it’s important to use a special Dreadshampoo. Preferably this shampoo contains mostly natural ingredients. It’s enough to wash your Dreads once a week to keep them clean and care for them. When your hair gets used to that, it won’t get greasy that quickly anymore!

Our advice: wash your Dreadlocks once a week

Our advice to you: it’s sufficient to wash your Dreadlocks once a week. Of course this is also something personal. It’s not wrong if you wash your Dreads more or less often. It’s an average advice, so use it to your advantage!

-X- Renate


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