Special shampoos for Real Dreads? Why?

Special shampoos for Real Dreads? Why?

When you have Real Dreads, we recommend using a special Dread Shampoo or a shampoo that is as natural as possible when washing your hair.

No chemical additives in the shampoo

A lot of chemicals are added to many “normal” shampoos. They make your hair smooth, soft, easier to comb, shiny, etc. These additives are not necessary in a Dread Shampoo. You actually don’t want your dreads to be smooth and soft because that will make your hair more difficult to tangle! Stiffer hair is better for making your dreads and maintaining them. A natural Dread Shampoo will get your hair clean and ensure that your hair keeps its rigid structure for good “dreading”.

Additives to a “normal” shampoo can also cause itching when residue remains in your dreads.

Extra nourishment in Dread Shampoos                

Washing and caring for Dreads requires a different approach than with “normal” hair. Itching can occur because your hair is divided into tufts and tangled. As mentioned above, a “normal” shampoo with chemical additives can increase this itching. A Dread Shampoo contains mostly natural ingredients and nourishing oils such as Tea Tree Oil. This nourishment actually prevents itching! The shampoos are ideally suited to dreads, and this provides a longer lasting clean and fresh effect! Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.

With my 20 years of experience I have written down my 5 most important tips for you! With these tips you can take great care of your Real Dreads!

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