Synthetic Dreads in the sauna

Synthetic Dreads in the sauna

Do you love to go to the sauna, but you’re in doubt if you should go to the sauna because you're wearing have Synthetic Dreads? In this blog we give you practical tips for your sauna visit. Because even with dreads you can relax at a sauna!

Tie your dreads up in a bun

When you visit a sauna it’s comfortable to tie your dreads up high. This way they’re not hanging in your neck and there’s no loose dreads sticking to your body. You can also keep them dry easier this way. It’s not really bad when your dreads get a little wet, but when you spend a whole day at a sauna then it’s not always a good feeling to have wet dreads that drip water all day.

Are you going to chill in a relax chair? Then a bun in your hair will serve as a pillow for your head :)

Check this video to see how you can easily make a bun with your dreads:

Wool dreads can shrink!

Do you wear dreads made from wool? Be aware that wet wool dreads can shrink under high temperatures! Just like wool clothing shrinks when you wash it too warm, wool dreads shrink as well! Are you going to a hot sauna? Then go there with dry dreads, they will be the least influenced by heat.

Heat can deform Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synthetic Dreads are also affected by heat, however they do not shrink. A method to tighten dreads is to seal them with hot steam. Curly dreads are also made by using steam. When you’ve been in a really hot sauna and you’ve had your dreads in a braid or tied up in a bun, then afterwards your dreads might be curled/deformed. This is definitely something you should keep in mind! 

Reshaping your Synthetic Dreads after your sauna visit

Do you have dreads with kinks in it after a day to the sauna? The most practical tip to get them back to their usual shape is as follows:

  • Wash your dreads at the end of your sauna visit, they are probably already humid and will probably contain some sweat. This way your dreads will feel fresh immediately. Take a hot shower, most kinks will disappear when you do this.
  • Do you still have some kinks in your dreads? Blow dry your dreads on high heat and pull them straight so they will take on this shape afterwards. 

Note: this does not apply to wool dreads!

Have a great time relaxing and have fun during your sauna day!

-X- Renate


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