What is the best way to remove my Synthetic Dreads?

What is the best way to remove my Synthetic Dreads?

After about 2-3 months it’s time to remove your Synthetic Dreads. You will still be able to comb out your regrowth after this time.
Are you not yet tired of your dreads? You can install your dreads again after you have taken them out!
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Removing Synthetic Dreadlocks

Removing your dreads is very easy. Cut the elastic that is attached to the end of your hair, or use a Seam Ripper to do this. By using a seam ripper you reduce the chance of cutting pieces of your own hair.
After that you can take all of the dreads out of your hair. You can do this by using a Pin Tail Comb. Place the tail of the comb in the braid, now you can wiggle the hair loose in an easy way.

Don’t start combing or brushing your hair immediately

When you have removed all of your dreadlocks we recommend to first wet your hair and apply conditioner onto your hair. Let the conditioner soak for about 2 minutes. After that you can start combing out your hair. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. This prevents you from combing extra knots into your hair. Note: normally you lose about 80-100 hairs every day, all these hairs are still in your hair while you were wearing your dreads. So you will comb out a lot of loose hair.
Everything brushed out? Wash your hair a couple of times with shampoo. And if you want you can use a nice hair mask after washing your hair.

Leave conditioner in all night

Another option when you have taken out your dreads is to leave the conditioner in your hair for a night.
When you have taken out your Dreadlocks you wet your own hair and divide conditioner onto your hair. Take an old t-shirt or towel and wrap it around your head en go to sleep.
Combing out your hair the next day will be super easy!

Good luck removing your dreads! And don’t forget, you can reuse your dreads!


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