Teaching you how to install real Dreads with an extension of Human Hair in our online course

Teaching you how to install real Dreads with an extension of Human Hair in our online course

Installing very beautiful, long Dreads from your own hair! That is what many people dream of! How cool would it be if you could make your customer's dream come true with our techniques?!
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Online course 'How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist'

After we launched our first online course on Synthetic Dreads in 2019, questions immediately came in whether we could also offer a course on Real Dreads. Therefore we didn't have to think long about developing and filming a course on Real Dreads. Of course, in preparation for this, we extensively researched and tested all techniques before we recorded the course. After all, we wanted to make sure that we showed 100% high quality techniques in our online course.

Extend real dreads with Human Hair

In our online course, in which we teach you everything about installing Real Dreads, we also teach you how to extend Real Dreads with Human Hair.
This way you can learn how to extend Real Dreads directly with Human Hair, so that your customer immediately leaves the door with beautiful, long Dreads. The extension of Human Hair has a beautiful and natural effect, because the extension is not visible.

We also teach you how to extend existing Dreads with Human Hair. There are also people who eventually want to switch from short to long Dreads.

We teach you all the techniques with which you can install beautiful Dreads! Of course of the best quality!

Working with Real Dreads

On the internet you can find a lot of information about installing/creating Real Dreads. Many techniques you find online are simple techniques that you can easily adapt. However, these techniques do not provide the quality we aim for. You don't want your customers to come back with broken Dreads or Dreads with a lot of loops, do you?

Our course has been optimally developed by extensively elaborating our years of experience and knowledge. We use all the techniques that we show in our online course in our busy Salon at Dreadshop. Every year we help a lot of customers by creating their dream Dreads.

When you have completed our course, you are ready to start your own Salon or add Real Dreads as an extra option to your existing range.

Do you want to get creative with Dreads? Then this course is really something for you!
More information about our online course can be found on this page.

Do you want to extend your own Dreads yourself? In our range you will find Human Hair and Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions of high quality, suitable for extending your Dreads.

-X- Renate