Make your own reusable Dreads from Henlon Hair

Make your own reusable Dreads from Henlon Hair

Do you want to make your own Dreads? That's a fun challenge! Which materials do you choose and what exactly do you need to create the Dreads you dream of? You will read all about it in this Blog!

Make your own Dreads from Henlon Hair

Synthetic Hair and its quality is important for the end result of your Dreads. When you choose high quality Synthetic Hair, you will see this reflected in the Dreads. They stay beautiful for a long time and you will therefore be able to reuse them very often.

We have worked with many different types of hair and our absolute preference is Henlon Hair. This hair is 'heat resistant' and can therefore be used for various methods with which you can create your Dreads yourself. When you are going to make Dreads by backcombing and steaming them, you can use Henlon Hair. But also when you opt for backcombing and crocheting.

Henlon Hair quality

The Henlon Hair within our range is of the highest quality and selected by Renate herself. In consultation with the supplier, she has ensured that the Henlon Hair does not have chemical coating. This is a lot nicer for your scalp. ;)

Mixing colors Henlon Hair

Henlon Hair is available in many different colors. To make your Dreads even more natural or even more playful, it is nice to mix different colors with each other. We call this Shuffling the Hair. This creates more depth in the color.

You can see how to do this here:

Tools for creating your own Synthetic Dreads

Don't forget to order the right tools, so you can get started right away!
The sturdy comb is a perfect option for backcombing the Henlon Hair. This is especially designed for this.

We also have different crochet hooks in our range, with which you can finish your Dreads.

Good luck with creating your own reusable Synthetic Dreads!

-X- Renate