Real Dreads, when do I use which conditioning?

Real Dreads, when do I use which conditioning?

You have Dreads of your own hair and of course you want to take care of them properly. But there is a lot of choice in products, so which ones do you chose? 
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General care of your Dreads

A must for everyone with Dreadlocks is a good conditioning spray! A caring (contitioning) spray you can use for any type of hair; normal hair, dry and greasy hair. The spray not only cares for your hair/Dreads, but also gives a lovely fresh scent.

Our advice to you is to use a natural product for your Real Dreads. Choose a conditioning spray that mainly or only contains natural ingredients. Unnatural ingredients can cause irritation, when you have a sensitive scalp.

A conditioning spray always contains caring oils. Spray this on your Dreads and scalp in moderation to prevent your hair getting greasy. Maximum once a day if sufficient!

Other advice for the general care of your Dreads; keep your dreads beautiful for a longer time and wear a nightcap at night! Why exactly you can read in a previous blog.

Care for your dreads with normal hair and a healthy scalp

You don’t have dry or greasy hair? Your scalp feels calm and isn’t irritated? Perfect! Your hair has a good moisture balance and has no direct need of using conditioning products, besides a conditioning spray and a nightcap. To keep your dreads tight and reduce the amount of loose hairs you could use a Tightening Spray.

Care for your Dreads with dry hair and/or a dry scalp

When you have dry hair your Dreads can start to feel somewhat brittle. To give your Dreads an extra boost, besides using a conditioning spray and a nightcap, you can choose a product that is a bit ‘greasier’. Think of a pomade or a product based on oils. We offer different types of products for this in our assortment.

To keep your dreads tight and reduce the amount of loose hairs you could use a Tightening Spray. Is your scalp sensitive or irritated? Use a caring oil followed by the Rescue Spray from RAW ROOTs this will give you the perfect relief!

Care for your Dreads with greasy hair and/or a greasy scalp

When your hair gets greasy very fast, the moisture balance of your scalp can be out of balance. Dreadshop recommends to only use products based on natural ingredients and wash your hair regularly with a shampoo on a natural basis. Besides a conditioning spray and using a nightcap you could use a Tightening Spray to keep your dreads tight and reduce loose hairs. Use these, but also the conditioning spray, with moderation, to prevent your hair from getting greasy.

Do you also have dandruff on your scalp? An oil is perfect for this! Apply an oil on your scalp 2x a week, in combination with a special Dreadshampoo, this will work wonders!

I hope I was able to show you the ropes in the ‘jungle’ of care products for your Dreads! Enjoy your unique Dreads and taking care of them!


-X- Renate


Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.
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