Help! white spots in my hair…

Help! white spots in my hair…

You’ve been happily wearing your dreads for a few weeks, but suddenly you spot the first few white spots in your hair… what to do?

You can spot the white spots at the regrowth in your hair. These white spots, also called the hair root, are hairs that came loose from the scalp.

Usually you can’t spot these loose hair roots, because normally you shed the hair. However when you wear dreads all loose hairs will get stuck in the braid at the base of your dread. The hair root will eventually become visible and especially in dark hair you will start spotting them sooner.

You don’t have to worry about these loose hairs, even when it might seem like a lot of hairs since you’ve been wearing your dreads for a while. You usually lose between 80-100 hairs a day and now these hairs will not fall off but they will stay in the braid at the base of your dreads. These are not hairs that have been broken off but hairs that you would have shed anyways. Are you still afraid that it’s damaging your hair? Then read our blog about this topic.

What can I do against these white spots?

It’s possible to pull these loose hairs out of the braid on your dread with some tweezers. You can also choose to break or cut off the white spot on the loose hair so that it won’t be visible anymore.
If you don’t want to do this but you don’t want to see the white spots then you can wear some nice Headwear, this way no-one will notice!


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