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What is the best way to wash my Accent Dreads?

When you have purchased an Accent Set from us or have made it yourself, you naturally want to take good care of it so that you can enjoy and use it for a long time.

Now you can wash our Locks of Love, even in the washing machine. But the Accent Dreads have decoration and that requires a slightly different approach.

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To keep your Accent Dreads nice and clean, you can wash them in the following ways:

  1. Washing the Accent Dreads while wearing them

    When you wear the Accent Dreads, you can wash them weekly in the shower. You should preferably do this with the Cleansing Spray. Spray it on your Dreads and scalp, massage it in gently and then rinse it out with water.

  2. Washing the Accent Dreads after wearing

    When you have removed the Dreads, you can wash them well before you put them away. You can do this by putting them in a laundry net and putting them in the washing machine on a hand/wool twist. Use neutral detergent without perfume for this. This is nicer for your scalp, perfume or other substances will remain in your Dreads and can cause irritation when you wear them again. Also, do not use fabric softener. It is also a good option to add a little Dreadlock shampoo and not use any detergent at all.
    I also always add a splash of vinegar. This natural agent makes your Dreads even cleaner and can be added to both the detergent and the Dreadlock shampoo.

    Then hang your Dreads neatly to dry. Do not leave them in the washing net, because then the dreads will remain in the shape as they came out of the washing machine: twisted...

    Now your Accent Dreads are ready to go for the next wear!

    Have fun and good luck!

    -X- Renate