Care Kit Oily scalp/hair


Care Kit Oily scalp/hair

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Care Kit Oily scalp/hair - Real Dread Care

Do you have a greasy scalp? And/or are your Dreadlocks quickly greasy and you feel ready for the next wash? Then this care kit is exactly what you need for your Dreadlocks!

This kit contains both Dollylocks and RAW ROOTs products that do the following for your Dreadlocks and scalp:

- Herbal Cleanser
With the use of the Herbal Cleanser Dreadlock shampoo, you take optimal care of the scalp. It minimizes the production of oils and prevents / soothes itching, dandruff and other scalp problems.

- Locking Powder / Dry Shampoo
By applying and massaging the powder on your scalp and roots, you are actually using a dry shampoo. It takes the grease out of your hair.

- Cleansing Spray
The Cleansing Spray came onto the market through the collaboration between Dreadshop and Dollylocks. This Spray Shampoo can be used for Real Dreads between your weekly washes. Simply spray on your scalp and Dreads, without rinsing! Your scalp and dreads will feel fresh again!