Crochet hook  0.6 mm hair & tools
Crochet hook  0.6 mm hair & tools


Crochet Hook 0.02 inch / 0.6 mm

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Crochet your Dreads

This crochet hook is truly perfect to both use on your Real Dreads as well as your Synthetic Dreads!

By using the Crochet Hook on your Real Dreadlocks or on your Synthetic Dreads you will knot the hair inside your dreads. This make your Dreads a lot more firm.

The crochet hooks are also perfectly suited for maintaining your Real Dreads when you have very fine hair or very thin dreadlocks. Do you want more information and video images about maintaining Real Dreads? Click here to order the course Maintaining Real Dreads in which we explain to you step by step how you can maintain your Real Dreads. In this course we also use a crochet hook and show you how to use the crochet hook in the right way.

Are you looking for a bigger size crochet hook, you will find the crochet hook in 0.03 inch / 0.75 mm here, and you will find the crochet hook in 0.05 inch / 1.25 mm here.

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