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Comb for backcombing Dreads

Are you going to make Real Dreads? Then it is best to use this comb!

Because this comb has longer and rougher teeth, you can easily backcomb the hair very tight and firm. And because of the rough teeth, loops are also much less likely to form in your hair or in your Dreads.

The comb is pleasant to hold due to the fine handle. You will also find a centimeter display on the handle, which is useful when making the sections. This way you can easily make an equal division of the sections.

Do you want to take out your Real Dreads? Then this comb is definitely recommended. This comb is so strong that you can comb your Real Dreads out very well. Because your Dreads are probably compact and sturdy, many combs will break when you use them for combing out your Dreads. This one is much firmer!

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