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Dollylocks Tightening Gel

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Repair damaged hair/Dreads

Do you have loose hairs between your Dreads? You can use the Tightening Gel from Dollylocks!

This Tightening Gel is especially developed for Real Dreads of your own hair.
The Tightening Gel contains natural ingredients, and therefore hydrates your Dreads, but also your scalp. It helps to repair damaged hair/Dreads.

The Tightening Gel from Dollylocks works extraordinarily good with maintaining your Real Dreads. Use the pump to apply a small amount of gel on your hands and rub it between your hands. Palmroll your Dreads with the gel. This way you ‘stick’ the loose hairs to your Dreads, without it leaving residue.

The Tightening Gel from Dollylocks is very nice to use with new/young Dreadlocks.

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