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Flyer Real Dread Care

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How can I take good care of my Real Dreads?

Once your Real Dreads are created, it takes a lot of maintenance and care to keep your Dreads nice and clean.

Real Dreads go through different phases and in each phase your Dreadlocks need different maintenance.

In this flyer we have bundled all care tips for your Dreadlocks.

With the information from our flyer you can maintain your Dreads well and ensure that your Dreads remain neat and clean.

In the flyer we talk about washing your Dreadlocks, palm rolling your Dreads, what to do with loose hair on your Dreads and how you can give your Dreadlocks a deep cleanse with a Detox. And of course many more useful tips.

This flyer is an absolute must-have for Dreadheads! Not only when you just had Real Dreads installed, but also when you've had Real Dreads for a while.