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Night Cap
Night Cap
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Night Cap

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Good protection for Loc extensions

For both Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreads. While you sleep your head slides over your pillow which can cause hairs to frizz or become loose.

The Nightcap:

  • Prevents your own hair from frizzing at the attachments of your dreads
  • Prevents your Real Dreads from frizzing
  • Is made of a thin, slightly stretchy, soft satin fabric that is very comfortable to wear
  • Allows your scalp to breathe well, no sweaty enclosed effect!

The Nightcap is big enough to cover all of your dreads, even if you have 20 inch / 50 cm long Synthetic Dreads! The Nightcap will remain firmly in place when you put it over your dreads and tie it at the bottom (at your neck).

Material: 100% Satin
Color: Black

The nightcap is too small for our 28 inch / 70 cm Locks of Love. But you can open up the bottom of the nightcap, you can use a seam ripper to open the stitches. With the bottom opened you can pull your dreads all the way through the nightcap, the braids of your own hair will still be protected by the nightcap.

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