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RAW ROOTs Conditioner Bar

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RAW ROOTs Conditioner Bar - Dreadlocks Care

This nice conditioning bar contains nurturing ingredients, it makes the hair softer and deeply nourishes it. You can use this multifunctional conditioner for:

  • Loose ends on your Real Dreads
  • Removing your Real Dreads
  • Removing your Synthetic Dreads
  • As durable conditioner for ‘normal’ hair

The nurturing ingredients cocoa butter, jojoba- and broccoli seed oil hydrate and strengthen the hair so it’s healthy, shiny and easy to comb through.

The Conditioner Bar is made of natural, vegan ingredients and biological oils that give ultimate care to your hair. This is exactly why the Conditioner Bar is perfect for normal hair.

How to use the Conditioner Bar?

Wet your hair and the bar. Rub the bar on the knotted hair you want to comb through. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

A handy tip for when you want to remove your Real Dreads: Grate a part of the bar and put it in a spray bottle with hot water. Shake the bottle well and spray on your Dreads.

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