Raw Roots Refreshing Mist
Raw Roots Refreshing Mist
Raw Roots Refreshing Mist
Raw Roots Refreshing Mist
Raw Roots Refreshing Mist


Raw Roots Refreshing Mist

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Scent:Paradise Beach
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A refreshing spray for your Dreads

Do you suffer from unpleasant odors in your Dreadlocks? Cooking odors that linger in your Dreads? Do you often exercise and does your sweating create a musty smell?

You won't be bothered by that anymore if you use this Refreshing Mist Spray from RAW ROOTs! You can see this spray as Deodorant for your Dreadlocks. That's how powerful this spray is!

Take Renate for example. You probably know her as the owner of Dreadshop. She loves sports and she especially loves running. But she doesn't want to wash her Synthetic Dreads too often. That is why she started using this Refreshing Mist Spray. This way she doesn't have to wash her Dreads extra in between her regular washing routine and she doesn't suffer from nasty smells at all!

The spray has been developed with a mix of organic and natural ingredients to nourish and refresh your Dreadlocks and scalp. And it especially removes unpleasant odors.

Do you suffer from an itchy scalp? That is super annoying! The spray nourishes and cares for your scalp and Dreads. With the use of this spray, an itchy scalp is a thing of the past.

Because the Refreshing Spray contains silver citrate, odor-causing bacteria don't stand a chance! Is that really true? Yes, it really is! This spray has been extensively tested.

Now you probably want to know how to use this spray, we are of course happy to tell you!
You can use the Refreshing Mist for a nice fresh scent on dry hair between your washes. But you can also use it after washing your Dreads as a natural conditioner.

This Refreshing Mist is available in different scents, nice right?

And here is a quick sum up of them:

Nag Champa: Flowery, warm and earthy scent as the well known incense.

Enchanted Forest: Like a walk in the deep forest with patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils.

Summer Moon: Sweet, fruity and exotic with a flowery heart.

Paradise Beach: A fragrance blend that takes the mind to an exotic beach, with a mild scent of coconut, fresh passion fruit and sweet vanilla.

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