RAW ROOTs Tightening Spray Sampler 4 pack
RAW ROOTs Tightening Spray Sampler 4 pack


RAW ROOTs Tightening Spray Sampler 4 pack

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Perfect for creating and/or maintaining your Dreadlocks

The Tightening Spray from RAW ROOTs is perfect to use when you are going to make or maintain Dreads.

The Tightening Spray makes the hair more coarse which makes the Dread Process easier. Because your hair is coarse, it will also frizz less quickly.

You can also use the Tightening Spray when palm rolling so that the loose hairs will stick to your Dreads.

In this sampler package you will receive 4 small sample bottles. Ideal to discover the different scents or to take with you when you travel.

The Tightening spray is also available in a bigger size.


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