Refillable Shampoo Foamer Bottle
Refillable Shampoo Foamer Bottle


Refillable Shampoo Foamer Bottle

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RAW ROOTs Foamer Bottle - Dreadlock Shampoo

Durability is something that is very important to Dreadshop. This is also the reason why we immediately knew this product would be a great addition to our assortment.

By using this Foamer Bottle your shampoo will last twice as long! And with one pump you have enough Foam to wash your entire head. So you prevent using too much shampoo. In addition to saving on plastic bottles, it is better for the environment in several areas.

The Foamer Bottle can be used with shampoos developed for Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads. The shampoo has to be a liquid, with a spray shampoo it doesn't work, this shampoo is too thin. Choose for example the RAW ROOTs Hydrating shampoo, the RAW ROOTs Herbal cleanser or the Dollylocks Liquid Shampoo.

The Foam is very easy to apply to your scalp and on your Dreads/ braids and is also very easy to rinse out. So it also saves a lot of water each time you wash your hair. Another benefit of the Foam is that you wont need to rub your scalp and Dreads/ braids a lot with your fingers, so it also prevents frizz.

Is the Foamer Bottle empty? You can just refill it!

How to use:

  1. Fill the Foamer Bottle with your shampoo till the line
  2. Fill the rest of the Foamer Bottle with water
  3. Now you can use one pump and you will notice your shampoo has become a lovely Foam.

The Foamer Bottle can contain up to 150ml

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