Starter Kit Young Dreads Basic RAW ROOTs


Starter Kit Young Dreads Basic RAW ROOTs

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Starter Kit Basic for Young Dreads - Kits l Real Dread Care

Are you going to get Real Dreads of your own hair? With these products from Dollylocks, specially selected for your young Dreads, you take optimal care of your Dreadlocks and your scalp during the first months of your Dreadlock journey!

Because we have years of experience with Dreadlocks and test all our products ourselves, we know exactly what is important in every phase of your Dreadlock journey. In the initial phase, this is mainly the right care for your scalp and the right care for the 'locking' of your Dreads.

With these products you have the basis to optimally shape your Dreads in the process to adolescent Dreads:

Greenie Genie Soap Bar
For young Dreads we recommend using the Greenie Genie Soap Bar. This contains natural ingredients and Himalayan salts, so that your Dreads remain optimally clean and will 'lock' to the maximum. You will feel the difference after every wash!

Tightening Spray
You can stimulate the 'locking' of your Dreads by using the Tightening spray. This one is also composed of natural ingredients and you can choose from delicious scents!

Rescue Tonic
Where the Tightening spray is mainly for your Dreads, you mainly use the Rescue Tonic on your scalp. Your scalp has to get used to your new Dreadlook and the Rescue Spray offers the right care and soothes your scalp.

Night Cap
Because young Dreads quickly start to frizz, it is nice to wear a Night Cap at night. This prevents fluffing and protects your Dreads.