Are you going to follow our Professional Real Dreadlocks Stylist course? Then the Student Kit is something you need!

In the course to Professional Real Dreadlock Stylist a lot of topics are covered and of course you will also get creative yourself! And you need products for that.

This student kit contains everything you need to become a Professional Real Dreadlock Stylist. And you can still use most products after the course if you want to continue your own business / salon.

In the student kit you will receive:

Dolly with 1 backcombed dread and 1 crocheted dread
Dollylocks Antimicrobial Silkcomb - Pro 50 Comb
Crochet hook 0.6 mm
Crochet hook 0.75 mm
Crochet hook 1.25 mm
Color Ring Human Hair Locks of Love
Color Ring Human Hair
Human Hair, 2 bundles (color of choice, 2 different colors)
Samples from Dollylocks and RAW ROOTs

The Student Kit is a very extensive package with products that you need during the course, but that you can also use after the course. An absolute must-have!

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