Thin | Honey Blonde Bum Length
Thin | Honey Blonde Bum Length
Thin | Honey Blonde Bum Length


Thin | Honey Blonde Bum Length

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Thin | Honey Blonde Bum Length - Complete Dreadset

Introducing our Honey Blonde Thin Renate’s Locks of Love Dreadset, designed to add a touch of natural warmth and light to your hair. Crafted for those seeking volume without overwhelming their locks, the Thin Locks of Love are perfect for those with thin, fine, or normal hair textures.

At Bum Length, this set offers a versatile length, one of Renate's favorites. The combination of this length and the natural blonde hue creates an expressive yet serene look.

Each set includes a complete array of Dread Extensions for a full head transformation: 2 bundles of Single Ended Dreads and 2 bundles of Double Ended Dreads. This blend ensures an ideal distribution and volume, achieving a seamlessly natural appearance.

Handcrafted with care using synthetic Henlon Hair, our Locks of Love are chemical-free, promoting scalp health and comfort. Soft, high-quality, and remarkably natural-looking, these dreadlocks are reusable, making them a sustainable investment for long-term wear.

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