Also use the Cleansing Spray between washing!

Also use the Cleansing Spray between washing!

We recently launched a new product in collaboration with Dollylocks. In addition to a good Spray Shampoo, this product is also a good conditioning for your scalp! In this blog, let me tell you how you can use the Cleansing Spray even more.


The Cleansing Spray, a good shampoo for washing your Dreadlocks

The Cleansing Spray is really a fantastic product! This Cleansing Spray is very nice to use when you wash your Real Dreads or Synthetic Dreads. You wet your Dreads, spray the Cleansing Spray on your scalp and rinse! You won’t have loose hairs because you won’t have to rub your hair with your fingers!

The Cleansing Spray takes care of your scalp and cleans your scalp, hair and Dreads. This Cleansing Spray is available in different scents.

Optimal care of your scalp and your Dreads with this Cleansing Spray

Did you know that you can also use the Cleansing Spray on dry hair? You can compare it with a dry shampoo.
Don't feel like getting your Dreads wet? Or is it not time to wash your Dreads yet, but do you want to freshen them up?

Shake the bottle of Cleansing Spray before use. Spray the Cleansing Spray on your scalp and possibly on your Dreads and let it soak in. After this you don't have to do anything anymore, your scalp and your Dreads are provided with a nice fresh scent.

In addition to using the Cleansing Spray, a Refreshening Spray is also very nice. This spray nourishes and soothes your scalp. A lifesaver when you suffer from itching!

Do you have doubts about which scent of this Cleansing Spray suits you? Then read this blog in which we describe all Dollylocks scents, hopefully that will help you make the choice.


-X- Renate