What is the difference between Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads?

What is the difference between Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads?

There is a lot of information on the internet about both Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads, but what is the difference between these types of Dreadlocks? I would like to tell you that in this blog.
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The biggest difference between Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads

The biggest difference between Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads is that you can wear Synthetic Dreads temporarily (maximum 3 months) and Real Dreads are permanent.
Synthetic Dreads are best removed after three months, otherwise your own hair will tangle too much, which makes combing out more and more difficult. My Locks of Love are of such quality that they can be reused endlessly!
You can wear Real Dreads for as long as you want, so Real Dreads is really a choice for the long term.

The hair from which both types of Dreadlocks are made differs

With Real Dreads you make the Dreadlocks from your own hair, you can also choose to extend Real Dreads. In most cases, Human Hair is used for this.
Synthetic Dreads, as the word actually says, uses Synthetic Hair. This is "fake" hair and there is also a lot of choice. In our range you will find Henlon Hair of high quality and without chemical coating. Our Renate's Locks of Love are made from Henlon Hair.

The care of Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads is different

There is also a difference in the care of Synthetic Dreads compared to Real Dreadlocks. You can use some care products for both types of Dread, such as a nice Refreshening Spray.
For Real Dreads you need a good shampoo which has been developed for Real Dreads. With Real Dreads you often use locking products for beautiful and tight Dreads. If you want to read more information about the care of Real Dreads, click here.
The care of Synthetic Dreads is a bit easier, especially because you do not have to maintain your Dreads. Would you like more information about the care of Synthetic Dreads? Then click here.

Dyeing Dreads is also a big difference

Would you like to dye your Real Dreads? You can! Dyeing Real Dreads is much easier than dyeing Synthetic Hair. Dyeing Real Dreads works almost the same as dyeing your own hair, only with Dreads you need a little more dye. Bleaching Real Dreads is not a good idea, this will dry out your Dreads quickly and can cause them to break off faster. Do you want to do this anyway? Then go to a professional.
Dyeing Synthetic Hair, on the other hand, is much more difficult, it is actually not possible. That is why we have a lot of choice in colors in our range so that you can put together a beautiful set yourself.

Real Dreads have different phases, Synthetic Dreads do not

When you wear Synthetic Dreads, they will be a bit tighter on your scalp in the beginning. After a few weeks you will notice that your own hair will grow, causing your Synthetic Dreads to sag a little bit further. This is actually the only thing that happens when you wear Synthetic Dreads.
Real Dreads have four different phases. You start with Baby Dreads, after 2 months you have Young Dreads, after 6 months you have Young Adult Dreads and after a year you have adult Dreads. More information about this can be found in this Blog.

Creating volume in Real Dreads or Synthetic Dreads

Do you like a lot of volume? There is also a difference here with Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads.
Because you make Real Dreads from your own hair, you may not have as many Dreads as you would like. You can choose to add Synthetic Dreads to your Real Dreads. The Renate's Locks of Love are well suited for this. Would you like to know how to add the Single Ended Renates Locks of Love to your own Dreads? Then watch this video:

If you choose Synthetic Dreads and you want a lot of volume, you can of course opt for a thicker type of Dread. With this you quickly create volume. But you can also choose to use slightly more Dreads than the standard recommended number. Make sure you do not use too much Synthetic Dreads, because you can damage your hair.

Removing or combing out both types of Dread is different

There are of course many more differences, but the differences in this blog are the biggest differences.
Finally, I want to share with you the difference in taking out the Dreads.
With Synthetic Dreads you can remove your Dreads in a fairly simple way, after which you do a nice rinse and comb out your hair. There will be tangles and knots in your hair and a lot of loose hair will come out, that's because the hair that you lose every day has remained in the roots. You then comb these out.

Combing out Real Dreads is quite a job. It is not the case, as was often thought that you should shave your hair off or that you should cut your hair very short when you no longer want your Real Dreads. You can choose to let your Real Dreads grow out a bit and then comb out your Real Dreads. This is a big job, but then you keep your hair length. Use the comb to comb out your Real Dreads.
If all your Real Dreads have been combed out, a haircut at the hairdresser is necessary.

Hopefully this information has helped you!


-X- Renate