Synthetic Dreads for long hair

Synthetic Dreads for long hair

Even with long hair it is perfectly possible to wear Synthetic Dreads. I would like to share my tips about wearing Synthetic Dreads for long hair with you in this blog.

Can I wear Synthetic Dreads with long hair?

The answer to this question is yes, you can wear Synthetic Dreads very well if you have longer hair.
If your hair is longer than 8 inches / 20 centimeters, there are different techniques you can use for installing Synthetic Dreads.
Because your own hair is longer, the Synthetic Dreads have more grip on your own hair, so that they will undoubtedly stay in place better. Long hair has advantages too!

How can I install Synthetic Dreads in long hair?

When you choose the French technique you create a more bohemian style. We see that this technique is also increasingly being chosen for long hair, so I would like to share it with you:

Taking out your Synthetic Dreads

Removing Synthetic Dreads is more work with long hair. After all, you have to "braid" out all your own hair again. When you have removed all your Dreads and you want to comb your hair, the advice is to gently brush upwards from the ends. So you start brushing at the ends, this way you already pull out a lot of loose hair, which makes combing out the top of your hair easier.

Course for installing the Locks of Love

Do you want to install your Synthetic Dreads yourself? But not sure how? I can help you!

Because how do you install Synthetic Dreads exactly? How does it work, installing dreads, making sections? That is of course very difficult if you cannot see it properly.

That is why I have created a course especially for you in which I show you step by step how you can install Synthetic Dreads by yourself. This makes installing your Dreads a lot easier!

In this course I use different products such as a comb, rubber bands, Install Tool and clips. I can offer you these materials in a special kit, then you will also receive everything you need to install your Dreads. Click here to order this product.

Click on this link to order your course.