Can I use the regrowth of my Synthetic Dreads to start Real Dreads?

Can I use the regrowth of my Synthetic Dreads to start Real Dreads?

You might be in doubt about getting Real Dreads for a while, but how does this process work? Can I use the regrowth of my Synthetic Dreads to start Real Dreads for example? This is possible, but that is definitely not our advice. In this blog we explain why it’s better to not do this.

There are different reasons why you should not use the regrowth of your Synthetic Dreadlocks to start Real Dreads. We will discuss them below.

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The weight of the Dreads

The Synthetic Dreads are too heavy to use as extensions for your Real Dreads. When you extend Real Dreads you use a single ended Dread and the Synthetic Dreads are mainly double ended. This means double the weight.

The hygiene of the Dreads

The Dreads are harder to keep clean. Especially when you have been wearing the Synthetic Dreads for a while you can see a lot of loose hair roots and tufts of dust in the outgrowth. This will eventually grow into the Real Dreads and is hard to wash clean.

Maintenance of the Dreads

The Dreads are harder to maintain. Think about palmrolling, one of the things you do to keep the quality of your Dreadlocks and extend the lifespan. When you wear Synthetic Dreads, this is much harder to do.

Braid in your Dreadlocks

You have a braid as middle piece in your dreads. When your Real Dreads start to grow, you will always see the ‘braid’ in your Dread, that was used to install the Synthetic Dreadlock.

The installing technique of the Dreads

You can’t maintain the ‘braid’ that was used for installing like you do with a Real Dreadlock. Eventually you will have to cut or comb this part out of your dread and then make it into a Dreadlock.

Quality of the Dreadlocks 

The ends of your hair will not ‘mat up’ in the Dreadproces. When you grow out your Synthetic Dreads, the length of the hair that is used for installing the Dreads will not ‘mat up’. The result is that this hair will not become a beautiful Dread.

Sectioning of the Dreads

The size of the sections is also very important. Especially with the Thin Dreads we use quite small sections. When you make Real Dreads with this thin tuft of hair (because of the smaller section), there is a chance that the Dreads will break off when your Dreads grow longer.

Do you still want Real Dreads?

Do you decide to take out your Synthetic Dreads and do you want to get Real Dreads? You are very welcome in our Salon! We have years of experience in professionally installing your Dreads. Visit our Insta-account @Dreadshop to see what is possible! You can always mail us for an appointment. But if you have more questions or do you want personal advice, contact us here:


-X- Renate