Can I be allergic to Synthetic Dreads?

Can I be allergic to Synthetic Dreads?

An allergy to Synthetic Dreads may not be something you have considered. But you may be allergic to Synthetic Dreads. However, this chance is minimal, in this Blog we explain why. 
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An allergy to Synthetic Dreads

Fortunately, it is very rare for someone to be allergic to Synthetic Dreads, but unfortunately there are people who react to the material. Often people who are allergic do not react to the material, but to the hair dye that was used in the coloring process of the Synthetic Hair. And many types of hair use a chemical coating that you can also be allergic to. The last (still not often) causes the most reaction. 

Can I still wear Synthetic Dreadlocks?

Because, of course, we want everyone to be able to wear Synthetic Dreads with pleasure, we have investigated and it was successful!

We have found out that most reactions are caused by the chemical coating that is used on the Synthetic Hair.
Therefore, no chemical coating is used on the products of our Henlon Hair, making it even less likely that you will have an allergic reaction to our Synthetic Dreads.
However, the quality is guaranteed to remain the best! You can read more about this in this blog.

Our newest Renate’s Locks of Love are made of this same Henlon Hair, without any chemical coating.

How do I test if I have an allergic reaction from Synthetic Dreadlocks?

If you suspect you are allergic to Synthetic Dreads, you can wrap a dread on your wrist. This ensures that you have direct skin contact with the material. Then let it in for a while so your skin has long contact with the material. 
When your skin does not react, you're not allergic. Does your skin react? Then you are allergic to something in the material. 

Again, when using our Dreads and our Synthetic Hair, this chance is really minimal!

But I have bumps on my scalp, and the allergy test with the Dread is negative…

It is often a wrongly thought that you have an allergic reaction to Synthetic Dreads. For example, Dreads can be installed very tightly, so that your skin reacts with redness or bumps.
You can also suffer from “tension bumps”.
These are bumps that form in your neck and / or hairline and disappear automatically. 
It is important to be well informed and not to use your dreads too tightly.
Of course we do this with love for you in our Salon!
Come visit us and don’t hesitate to ask us anything if you have any questions.

-X- Renate


Note: Dreadshop is in no way responsible for an allergic reaction to any of our products.