Can I compose my own Accent Set?

Can I compose my own Accent Set?

We compose new Accent Sets on a regular basis to give you more inspiration in colors and combinations.

Of course it can be the case that the colors that suit you are not available in these Accent Sets, that’s why I want to explain to you how you can compose it yourself.


How many Synthetic Dreads do I need?

Depending on how much volume you want to wear you can choose one or two bundles of Synthetic Dreadlocks. When you don’t want a lot of volume, choose one bundle of Synthetic Dreads. Do you want more volume, choose two bundles.

How do I determine the right length of my Synthetic Dreadlocks?

When you want to use an Accent Set as Partial Dreads you will create the best result by choosing Dreads that are a little bit longer than your own hair. How long this is exactly, is a personal choice.
When you want to add your Accent Set to your Real Dreads, choose a length that matches the length of your own Dreadlocks or just a bit longer if you like.

Do I choose DE or SE Synthetic Dreads?

What the difference is between DE and SE dreads you can read here.
We mainly use SE (Single Ended) Synthetic Dreads in our Accent Sets. We prefer to braid them in the neck area because they are more comfortable to wear in the neck than DE (Double Ended) Dreads.
When you want to add the Dreads to your Real Dreadlocks we also prefer to use SE dreads.

If you use the Dreads to add to/mix in a set for a full head, you can choose a combination of SE and DE.

I chose my Synthetic Dreadlocks, now what?

When you’ve found the right Synthetic Dreads it’s fun to decorate these Dreads, just like our Accent Sets on the website. We offer DIY decoration sets and DIY accent sets which can help you compose your own accent set! When you purchase a DIY accent set you will get FREE access to our DIY accent set course. You can also choose beads from our assortment. We offer diverse beads that are suited for your Dreads!
You can easily slide these beads on your Dreads with an Install Tool.

 Do you want to add braids to your Accent Set? Use our Henlon Hair. This hair is of high quality and perfect to make braids with.

The braid gives a fun effect to your Accent Set!
Make sure to match the length of the Braids to the length of the Dreadlocks that you use in your Accent Set.

I wish you lots of luck with creating your Accent Set!

I’d love it if you share the result with me by tagging Dreadshop in your photo!

-X- Renate