Dreads for Dummies, everything you want to know about Dreadlocks

Dreads for Dummies, everything you want to know about Dreadlocks

What are Synthetic Dreads made of?

Our Synthetic Dreads are made from Synthetic Henlon Hair. The Henlon Hair is made of high quality and does not contain a chemical coating, which greatly reduces the chance of itching and/or irritation.

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Where can I have my Dreads installed?

Are you ready to have your Dreads installed, but you have no idea where to go? We have three options for you!

Option 1: Come to our salon in the Netherlands, our salon is located close to Amsterdam.

Option 2: Contact one of our affiliates. They have followed the online course of Dreadshop and are trained as Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylists. Do you want to know if one of our affiliates is located near you? Click here for an overview of all our affiliates.

Option 3: Install your own dreads with the help of our online course in which we show you step by step how you can install your dreads yourself.

Are Synthetic Dreadlock extensions harmful to your own hair?

The answer to this is no!

If the dreads are installed correctly and if you remove the dreads after 2-3 months, nothing can go wrong.

Really make sure the dividers are big enough so that your hair isn't overloaded.

Are you going to take out the dreadlocks? Then use a seam ripper. This prevents you from cutting your own hair when you cut the elastics loose.

Remove the dreads one by one and then brush your hair out with conditioner. This prevents your own hair from tangling.

Three tips for choosing the right Dreadset

Tip 1: When you start wearing Synthetic Dreads for the first time, it is important to know that your head and scalp will have to get used to the weight of the dreadlocks in the beginning. Perhaps it is good to know, if you have a somewhat sensitive scalp, do not immediately opt for the longest length dreadlocks.

Tip 2: When you start wearing Synthetic Dreads for the first time, it is wise to wear the recommended number of dreads. Do not opt ​​for more volume or more dreadlocks. Rather opt for a little less volume to get used to it.

Tip 3: If you are still in doubt, opt for partial dreads first! These are some rows of dreadlocks in the neck. This way you can also experience what it is like to wear dreadlocks without your entire head being immediately full of Dreadlocks.

Can I wash my Synthetic Dreads?

It's still a big misunderstanding that you can't wash Dreadlocks. This really stems from the history era. You can simply wash Synthetic Dreads. All good and special shampoos have now been developed for this.

Our advice is to wash your Synthetic Dreads a maximum of once a week with a spray shampoo and a liquid shampoo.

Do you also want to keep your Dreads and your scalp nice and fresh between washes? Then use a Refreshing spray.

How many bundles of Dreads do you need from Renate's Locks of Love?

Our advice is to use two bundles of Single Ended Dreads and two bundles of Double Ended Dreads for a full head of Renate's Locks of Love. A combination of both types of Dreadlocks gives the best volume.

Do you want less volume or do you have thinner hair? Then choose three bundles of Single Ended Dreads and a bundle of Double Ended Dreads.

Do you want a little more volume? Then choose three bundles of Double Ended Dreads and a bundle with Single Ended Dreads.

How can you prepare for the installation of Synthetic Dreads?

Most importantly: do your research online! We have a lot of videos on our social media channels about synthetic Dreadlocks. Make sure you watch lots of videos and read information so that you are well prepared for what is to come.

Also look for some examples of Dreadlocks that you like or of colors that you would like to wear. We can help you with personal color advice.

Do not wash your hair with conditioner before the appointment, this makes your hair soft, so then the dreads will be installed less tightly. This will make your dreads sag earlier and that's a shame! It's okay if your hair is still wet when you come to our salon, because we use the dreads on wet hair.

I hope I was able to help you on your way with this information!

Have fun with your Dreads!


-X- Renate