Can I swim with my Real Dreads?

Can I swim with my Real Dreads?

Maybe you can relate, it is nice and warm day and you want to take a dip in the water ... But you have Real Dreads, can you actually swim with them?

Can I swim with my Real Dreads?

If your Real Dreads have just been installed, it’s better not to wet them for 2 to 4 weeks, so it’s better not to swim with your Dreads either. This is not good for the quality of your Dreads. The hair takes a while to get used to your Dread process. Wetting or washing does not help in the beginning.

Are your Dreadlocks older than 4 weeks? Then you can go swimming! However, our advice is to only wet your Dreads once or twice a week. We do not recommend wetting your Dreads more often.

What should I pay attention to when I go swimming with my Dreadlocks?

If you prefer not to wet your Dreads, it is nice to wear a bun when you go swimming. This prevents all your dreads from getting wet. Because mainly the dreads in your neck will get wet the most.

In this video I show you how you can easily make a bun from your dreads:

Another option is to wear our shower cap, which protects your dreads against the (splashing) water.

If your Dreadlocks have gotten wet, it is good to wash your Dreads after swimming with a special dread shampoo. Rinse the shampoo and your Dreadlocks very well afterwards. If water remains from the pool or from open water, your Dreads may smell when they are dry. Therefore, rinse your Dreads very well.

With Real Dreads it is good to swim in the sea

When you wear Real Dreads it is better to swim in the sea than in chlorinated water, but again do not do this too often, the salt makes your Dreads dry, this helps the Dread process, but swimming too often can dry out your dreads.

The sea contains salts that make your hair and your Dreads especially stiffer. This is very nice for the Dread process. Especially when you have young dreads it is good to swim in seawater. You can let your Dreadlocks dry in the sun after swimming in the sea.

Are you a fanatic swimmer? Then choose to wear a swimming cap. Chlorine water makes your hair and your Dreadlocks especially dry. Do you suffer from dry dreads? Then choose a good conditioning oil.

Have fun swimming!

-X- Renate