Cutting real dreads shorter

Cutting real dreads shorter

In most cases we only make your hair longer if we install Real Dreadlocks or Synthetic Dreads. But of course it can also be done the other way around! You can also cut your Dreadlocks shorter!
In this blog I would like to give you more information about that.

Cutting real dreads shorter, what should I pay attention to?

When you have made the decision to cut your Real Dreadlocks shorter, decide how long you want your Dreadlocks to be.
It is important that when you are going to cut your Dreadlocks you keep your Dreadlocks just a little longer than you want them when cutting, this way you prevent your Dreads from becoming too short.

Do you have extensions in your Dreadlocks and want to cut the extensions of? Cut your Dreadlocks just after the start of the extensions. 
It is of course also possible to cut only a few inches / centimeters from your Dreadlocks. Cut your Dreadlocks a little less than the desired length.
Are you going to cut your Dreads? Then cut the Dread diagonally, so you won't get blunt ends.

I cut my Real Dreadlocks, now what?

After cutting you will undoubtedly have very straight or oblique (if you cut diagonally), blunt points on your Dreads.

For the best and most natural result, we advise you to comb out the tips of your dreadlocks a little bit (about 0.8-1 inch / 2-3 centimeters). You will remove some loose hair from your Dreadlocks, so don't be alarmed if bits of hair become loose. The combing out of your Dreadlocks is best done with our comb.
Have you combed all the ends? Then wash your Dreadlocks with a Dreadlock  shampoo.

Because you have wet your Dreads and the tips, the tips are much less fluffy.
Palm roll your Dreads even more after washing to let the ends dry nicely.
Use an oil in the tips to nourish them nicely. It may be that your ends are still a bit frayed, because the hair has been brightened up and taking that shape. This will take some time to recover.

In the video below I cut Vicky’s Real Dreadlocks with Human Hair extensions shorter. I would like to show you how I did this and how the end result turned out!

-X- Renate