Why a night cap for Real Dreads?

Why a night cap for Real Dreads?

When you have Real Dreads it’s a good idea to wear a nightcap when you’re sleeping. In addition to the fact that a nightcap looks quite charming ;) it will keep your dreads from frizzing for longer!

A nightcap will keep your dreads looking good for a longer period of time. That’s because you move your head over your pillow when you sleep. This results in loose hairs and frizz in your dreads. Wearing a nightcap prevents this.

Can I use pantyhose as a nightcap for Real Dreads?

Pantyhose are made of synthetic material. If you wear pantyhose over your dreads and then move your head over your pillow your dreads can become static. Additionally, pantyhose material is a bit coarser/less dense as the nightcap’s material. The hairs of your dreads will stick to the pantyhose when they are static. The hairs can even go through the pantyhose because the material is thinner. This will eventually lead to loose hairs and frizzy dreads.

Wearing pantyhose on your head is also very tight. When you wake up in the morning and remove the pantyhose there will be stripes on your forehead from the tightness :(

The tightness of the pantyhose, combined with the synthetic material also results in a closed, humid feel.

Advantages of a nightcap for Real Dreads

The nightcap is made of satin. This feels soft for both your dreads and your scalp. The nightcap material is thin and soft so it’s airy and breathes well. So the nightcap protects your dreads. Your dreads won’t frizz as fast and your scalp gets enough air/breathing room so it doesn’t get too warm.

A nightcap for Real Dreads: an absolute must!


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